Guardians may not be in the mix to make moves of note

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

It may be best to lower any expectations about the Cleveland Guardians being in the mix for players of note this offseason. A combination of the team's decision to designate Cal Quantrill for assignment and the uncertainty regarding their television contract, which contributed to that transaction seems to point in the direction of this team being relatively risk-averse this offseason.

While this approach is not foreign to the Guardians, it is not exactly what anyone wants to hear at this moment in time. This is a team that needs to add power in the worst way, but it does not seem like anyone of note will be brought in, given the current circumstances. While the decision to move on from Quantrill can be justified given the organization's pitching depth, his likely salary through arbitration, uncertain television situation, and being a mostly average pitcher with the occasional good outing, this does not exactly bode well for any potential acquisitions down the line. This poses a massive problem for the Guardians.

Everyone knows that Cleveland needs to add power to their lineup. Their lack of organizational power is not exactly a secret, and that is precisely why they went out and signed Josh Bell and Mike Zunino last offseason. While neither move worked out in the end, it at least showed that the organization understood where they were lacking on the major league roster.

With those moves flaming out and the possibility of being hamstrung by a television deal that has been described as terrible for quite some time, it would be far from shocking to see this team go down the road of signing low-level free agents with limited upside. Do not be surprised if the Guardians sign players in the mold of Yonder Alonso, Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Gonzalez, and Domingo Santana, players past their prime who could have one last season of production but are not blocking anyone long-term and can be jettisoned when and if things do not work out.

Of course, there is the possibility that the Guardians actually do make moves of note, but that simply does not seem all that realistic right now. Until this team has some clarity on the status of their television contract and the situation involving Quantrill is resolved, it is more than fair to be skeptical of this team being aggressive when it comes to adding major-league talent.