Guardians find themselves at crucial juncture point of season

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

This is not how the Cleveland Guardians season was supposed to play out. The 2023 campaign was supposed to be when this young team took the next step forward and proved that last season was not a fluke. Now almost at the 50 game mark they have failed in that quest and find themslves at a crucial juncture point at this season. This team must figure out which direction they are headed in, contending or crashing and burning, (currently the latter seems like the most likely outome at the moment).

Even though making excuses is never acceptable, all of the it's early, wait for the weather to warm up, and anything else nonsensical can be put right where it belongs, in the garbage. This team is bad and they should feel bad. The Guardians are seven games below .500 and trail the American League Central leading Minnesota Twins by 4.5 games entering Friday, May 26th.

If the standings were just a little bit closer, if this Guardians team had not lost nine of their past 11 series, and if the differential in runs scored between them and the Twins was not over 60 maybe the feeling about this team would be different. But, none of that is the case as this team has looked terrible more often than not. Any time and opponent scores more than one run with the Guardians yet to score the game seems over. There is just no fight in this team and that is a major problem.

If things continue in this manner it is going to be an ugly sight down on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. At this current time, Cleveland appears primed to be sellers later in the season rather than buyers or even a combo of both. Big names like Jose Ramriez and Andres Gimenez are more than likley off the table, but players such as Shane Bieber and Amed Rosario are destined to be playing elsewhere once the deadline comes and goes.

As series losses and losses in general continue to mount, it is easy to wonder how much longer things will be allowed to coninue in their current form. There is still time to turn things around and get back on track, but time is running out and fast.