Guardians check in at low spot in BR power rankings

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

It is not a secret that the Cleveland Guardians have underperformed this season. At five games below .500 and sitting in third place in the weak American League Central entering Tuesday, the Guardians are not exactly impressing outside observers. One such observer? Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report.

Cleveland continues to drop in Reuter's weekly power rankings to 28th overall, but even that seems a bit rough. Reuter does provide an explanation in dropping the Guardians from being ranked 24th last week to 28th this week.

"The Guardians went 1-5 last week to fall to a season-low six games under .500 following Sunday's loss to the New York Mets. They rank last in the majors in OPS (.643) and home runs (28), and outside of José Ramírez (135 OPS+, 19 XBH) the entire starting lineup has failed to produce at a league-average clip."

Joel Reuter on the Guardians

All of this is very valid and is not being disputed. It is not that the Guardians are ranked low, that is more than fair, it just how low they are. Again, all of the above points are valid and have been echoed many times all over. It just seems like there is a happy medium in the middle ground of where they rank in wins (tied for 20th with two other teams) and where they appear on this power rankings list (28th).

With that being said, things can change fast due to the fact that only two wins separate 28th and 20th in win totals currently. Maybe this time next week their current spot is justified. Or maybe Cleveland finally gets their act together and is able to put together the winning streak everyone has been waiting for and show they actually belong higher on this rankings list. Only time will tell.