Guardians broadcasting crew ranked towards the bottom

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

It has been a few years since Awful Announcing last released their rankings of MLB broadcasts based on votes of their readers. Even with a few years off the broadcasting team of the Cleveland Guardians continues to be ranked quite low.

This edition has the team of Matt Underwood, Rick Manning, and Pat Tabler checking in at 19th, the same spot they were in 2014 and 2019. The following appeared in the comments section for Cleveland's broadcasting crew.

" Speaking of “you know what you’re getting,” it’s the Cleveland Guardians’ entry in this year’s rankings. This year’s grade of 2.27 is Cleveland’s highest and their rank of 19 is tied for their best with both 2014 and 2019. Underwood and Manning have been calling games together for this franchise for a decade and a half, and the addition of Tabler to the booth for select games has been a positive development."

Awful Announcing's Joe Lucia

This is a pretty astute evalution of the broadcasting team. When compared to broadasts of other teams, Cleveland's is pretty average on a good day. Considering the most common grade that this crew received in this voting process was a "C" points towards the general opinion agreeing with them being nothing special.

The broadcasts are not bad by any means, but they can be a tad out of touch at times. Consistent pleas for hitters to "go the other way" and refrering to pretty much anything other batting average as "analytics" shows that they do not have their finger on the pulse of how modern baseball is consumed. Sure, most of the information in the broadcast is geared towards the average fan who may not care about true analytical data, but the way it is approached can be seen as a disservice to those who understand the game at that level and for others who may want to become more familiar with the world of advanced statistics.