5 position players the Cleveland Guardians should target at the trade deadline

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
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With a record of 56-32, the Cleveland Guardians are on the fast track to a playoff berth in the American League and potentially returning to the top of the AL Central division. While the team as constructed has been able to get them this far, they have not been afraid to churn out some players on the roster in the name of trying to get better. But at some point, internal options can only do so much, and exploring external help becomes absolutely necessary. This is where the Cleveland Guardians currently find themselves, in need of help but without the internal resources to get better position players the Cleveland Guardians should target at the trade deadline.

The MLB Trade Deadline is at the end of the month, and the speculation of who is going to be traded and which teams are interested is only going to grow by the day. While the Guardians will have some competition regarding trade discussions, there are a few names that stick out and should be made a priority, given their current roster construction and competitive timeline. If the Guardians truly want to improve their roster and make a genuine run at the World Series, looking to acquire one or more of the following players listed would be a good start.

1. Bo Bichette - Toronto Blue Jays

At this current moment in time, the Toronto Blue Jays are stuck in a will they or won't they akin to what has been seen countless times on many television programs when it comes to their trade deadline approach. The reality is that they are approaching double-digit games below .500 on the year and may be better off trading players away to reset their organizational competitive timeline rather than hanging on to them. There is one notable player that should be on the radar of the Cleveland Guardians as the deadline approaches. Bo Bichette. 

The Guardians have tried out multiple players to try and fill the shortstop position on their infield, but none have managed to run with it. Brayan Rocchio and Gabriel Arias have been the primary two options, with the occasion appearances from Daniel Schneemann and Tyler Freeman. At some point, the non-stop trial and error must come to an end. That is why looking at someone like Bichette would make so much sense for the Guardians.

Are there concerns about Bichette's current performance at the plate? Absolutely, but this would be a move made based on track record and what he has proved to be capable of in previous years. Betting on Bichette to regain his form with a change of scenery while being on a team that is among the best in baseball is much safer than hoping that any of the other options they have tried will suddenly figure it out at the plate.