Five former players the Guardians should consider bringing back

Baltimore Orioles v Cleveland Guardians
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4. Kole Calhoun

This may not be a very exciting option among former Cleveland baseball players, but bringing back Kole Calhoun in a role where he makes one or two apperances per week is not necessarily the worst idea anyone has ever had.

Granted, the offensive production the Guardians would get out of Calhoun at this stage in his career does not pop off the page, considering he slashed .217/282/.376 with seven doubles and six home runs in 43 games with Cleveland last season. But this is not a move entirely geared at offensive production but rather to retain having a veteran presence in the locker room. Remember, this is still a very young team in Cleveland, and having someone for those players to lean on when necessary is valuable.

If the Guardians were to bring back Calhoun, it would help with year-over-year continuity on the roster while also not being a roadblock to playing time for any of the younger, unproven players on the roster. Calhoun's presence on this team would mostly be rooted in being a seasoned veteran in the locker room, in addition to being capable of playing in a day game following a night game in the final game of a series, which should allow some key players to get off their feet before they prepare for their next opponent.