Could Stephen Vogt be the next Cleveland Guardians manager?

According to Jeff Passan, Stephen Vogt is emerging as a serious candidate to be the next manager of the Cleveland Guardians.
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
Seattle Mariners Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

We've talked about Troy Snitker. We've talked about Clayton McCullough and other external and internal candidates. But could Stephen Vogt end up being the next manager of the Cleveland Guardians?

According to ESPN's Jeff Passan, it's a distinct possibility, as Vogt, 38, is "emerging as a serious candidate" for the job.

Even during his playing career, it seemed like Vogt - currently a coach with the Mariners - was destined for a managerial career. Throughout his ten seasons in the big leagues - including two as an All-Star with Oakland - Vogt was a clubhouse leader. He broke into the majors at 27, making his ten-year career all the more impressive as well. And from 2015-2017, which included his two All-Star seasons, Vogt hit .250/.314/.423, averaging 22 doubles and 15 home runs a year to go with a 101 OPS+.

Perhaps most importantly, he was primarily a catcher, and we all know how much MLB teams love hiring former catchers as managers.

Like Snitker, Vogt looks like he could be a top managerial name this offseason. He's already interviewed for the vacant Giants job, though it sounds like that could be Bob Melvin's for the taking. Clearly he's got a future as a major-league manager, but will it be in Cleveland?

We'll know soon enough, as Vogt is scheduled for an in-person with the Guardians this week. Clearly, Cleveland is interested in pursuing a younger manager who embraces the modern game and can command the respect of a clubhouse. Vogt certainly fits that bill.