Cleveland Guardians: Best and worst of April

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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The month of April has come and gone, and with it, there are some positives and negatives for the Cleveland Guardians. There are a few notable positives through their first 29 games played and some very obvious negatives to go along with it. 

April's Best for the Cleveland Guardians: Impressive start to the year

The Guardians are 19-10 and have managed to win seven of their first nine series of the year. This is no small feat, and it should not be ignored. Winning at this rate in the manner they are doing so early on is usually a pretty good indicator of future success.

Cleveland has one of the best run differentials in the league currently (+45) and has been able to win games by comfortable margins, as well as exciting comeback victories. These were two areas that the Guardians struggled in last season. Seeing this team with only a few minor tweaks to the on-field personnel succeed where they failed in 2023 speaks volumes about how last season was the outlier, with 2022 being more indicative of their true form. 

There are a few adjustments that are going to be required in the near future, letting certain players go in favor of other, more promising players. Additionally, Cleveland should be able to activate one of their starting pitchers soon, barring any more setbacks. This should put the Guardians in a pretty good position to continue their hot start and push for the American League Central crown.