Cleveland Guardians: 6 potential suitors for an in-season Shane Bieber trade

It didn't happen in the offseason, but the Cleveland Guardians could still deal Shane Bieber during the season. Who could end up being a decent trade suitor?

Miami Marlins v Cleveland Guardians - Game One
Miami Marlins v Cleveland Guardians - Game One / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies' farm system has been described as more "top-heavy," which might help the Guardians given they're trying to actually compete sooner than later. The more MLB-ready talent they can work into the mix, the better. And the Phillies do need to find a way to get over that postseason hump somehow, someway.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds were thought to be a decent trade partner in the offseason, due in large part to the major-league roster logjam they're currently dealing with. Cincinnati has a wealth of talent already up in the big leagues, and the Reds are looking to take that next step in their contention window. It wouldn't be surprising at all to see them compete for the NL Central crown in 2024, but they still need more pitching depth to truly solidify themselves as a contender. Shane Bieber would go a long way to making that happen, and Cleveland would likely have its pick of impact major-league players to choose from.