Bally Sports is a straight-up dumpster that is robbing the Cleveland Guardians

David Berding/GettyImages

I won't beat around the bush on this one: Bally Sports and its parent company Diamond Sports/Sinclair can go straight to hell.

The funny thing is, I saw this coming. Bally Sports as we all know is still airing Guardians games despite the fact that they have not paid the club (and it's not a small sum - Cleveland is owed $50 million). And it's not only the Guardians who are affected; the Twins and Diamondbacks find themselves in a similar predicament.

I've been covering this story for a while now, and the twists and turns a truly a roller coaster of emotions. We knew Bally Sports was suffering from the exodus of cable subscribers, and the company didn't help itself with the streaming services by requiring ungodly amounts to allow those services to carry their product. Then, right before the season, Bally told the Guardians and Twins they wouldn't pay them, yet kept broadcasting their respective games.

So what's the latest in this saga of a company run by a bunch of dopes? Bally wants to renegotiate its deals with the Guardians, Twins, and Diamondbacks. Guess what, folks? It won't be in favor of the team, either.

We are coming up on the deadline that was triggered by the missed payment, which technically gives Diamond Sports time to get things in order. So until that deadline passes, MLB and Guardians fans do need to take a beat. But in the same vein, Diamond Sports should act in good faith, and this latest stunt seems to indicate this could drag out.

And according to reports, Bally Sports can make the payments! They have tens of millions of dollars on hand, but argue that because they filed for bankruptcy, the law allows for them to adjust the contract and restructure those deals.

One of the key tenets to a contract is offer and acceptance. So even if Diamond Sports went ahead and offered new contracts to these teams, there's no way that any would actually accept such an offer, especially with MLB waiting in the wings to help find a better solution.

It also remains to be seen how quickly MLB could act and get the games for the three clubs up and running on something like It's quite feasible to believe that the league office could offer some compensation to Diamond for them to go away and leave in place the production/talent for these clubs.

I'm being optimistic here, but I really hope that these clubs (but mostly the Guardians) can land on solid ground and be done with the dumpster fire that is Bally Sports.