7 starting pitchers the Cleveland Guardians should target at the trade deadline

The Cleveland Guardians are consistently ranking among the top teams in baseball and lead the AL Central, but starting pitching woes will need to be addressed by Cleveland at the trade deadline.
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4. Luis Severino, New York Mets

Luis Severino
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Remember when I said that taking on the rest of this year's $13 million commitment might be possible for Cleveland? Well, allow me to introduce Luis Severino. A 30-year-old pitcher on a one-year, $13 million deal.

A few weeks ago, Severino may have been the top name on this list, but success in the Big Apple has changed that. Good fortune brought to the organization by none other than Grimace (yes, from McDonald's) could change the tides on the Mets' position at the deadline. However, making the call on Severino would still be a wise decision.

Severino doesn't have the best ERA on this list, sitting at 3.52, but we're starting to see him return to the form that he displayed before he was injured and made back-to-back All-Star appearances in 2018 and 2019.

Adding Severino might be the hardest move to make on this list for Cleveland. New York isn't in a position that forces them to be dealers at the deadline. They are only two games back of .500, and while the division is far from reach, a wild card spot might not be. Pair that with the fact that Severino is only 30 years old, and this one might be a tough one to pull off for Cleveland.