7 starting pitchers the Cleveland Guardians should target at the trade deadline

The Cleveland Guardians are consistently ranking among the top teams in baseball and lead the AL Central, but starting pitching woes will need to be addressed by Cleveland at the trade deadline.
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3. Tyler Anderson, Los Angeles Angels

Tyler Anderson
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A former first-round draft pick and 2022 All-Star, Tyler Anderson, would be a tremendous addition. However, his price tag at 34-years-old might be too much to handle for the Cleveland Guardians payroll.

Before I explain why this one probably won't happen, let's look at the benefits it could bring. Anderson is a veteran with recent success and is off to another strong season. Just two years removed from an All-Star appearance, Anderson is currently matching his 2022 numbers. His ERA is down at 2.58 through 14 starts, and his strikeouts per nine are just one off his 2022 pace, which is to be expected at his age.

As for the willingness to make a move, the LA Angels should be selling, but we've said this before. They are one of three sub-30 win teams in the American League, and the only reason they aren't in last in the AL West is because the Oakland A's have that role secured. Even so, only three games separate the two.

Now for the bad news. While Anderson would be a worthwhile veteran add, his contract could stand in the way. He's set to make $13 million this year AND NEXT YEAR. It would be one thing if it was taking on the rest of this year's monetary commitment, but Cleveland brass won't want $13 million on the books next year for a 35-year-old starting pitcher. Now, it could be possible to negotiate into the deal with Los Angeles paying some of that off, but it would force a higher price that the Guardians could spend elsewhere at the deadline.