7 bold predictions for the Cleveland Guardians in 2024

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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6. The Cleveland Guardians win the division

No one is really expecting all that much from the Cleveland Guardians this season in regards to being competitive in the American League Central division this season. A big part of that is the rather quiet offseason by the ball club. There are very everyday players who possess power, and that was a clear issue from last season that does not appear to be addressed unless you count the acquisition of Estevan Florial (nobody should).

So, should everyone just not bother with this season and expect the Guardians to finish in second place or worse? Absolutely not. The Guardians were snakebit with injuries to key players last season, in addition to a few others having down years. Unless you’re the biggest anti-fan out there, it is just about impossible to envision a scenario that results in the same series of events playing out again in 2024. 

Expect fewer moving pieces on the pitching staff this year, especially early on. Having a somewhat consistent group of pitchers in the rotation will help the Guardians’ effort to win games on a regular basis. There were so many different options that were used last season that it made it really difficult to win games at the rate this team should.

Another factor that should help Cleveland’s cause? Andres Gimenez and Steven Kwan being bigger contributors this year. Both players had down years in 2023, and that is truly indicative of their skill level. Expect this to change for the better this year. Gimenez and Kwan are definitely better than what last year showed, and returning to form should play a big part in what should be a successful season for the Guardians in 2024.

What does all of this mean? 

It means that the Guardians are not the also-rans everyone is projecting them to be. The AL Central does not feature an elite roster like the Dodgers, Orioles, or Braves. This is going to allow Cleveland to be more in the mix than people realize. It could even mean they can win the division. No one should be afraid of any other Central Division team, as none of them are world-beaters. The Guardians are more than capable of winning the division this year despite being projected to finish in a position other than first. All it takes is a few things to go their way, and considering the amount of things that didn’t last year, they’re due.