7 bold predictions for the Cleveland Guardians in 2024

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3. Estevan Florial will not be on the roster by June 1st

Here we go, a prediction with a hard deadline.

This may not be the boldest or hottest take about the Cleveland Guardians 2024 season in existence, but it is still one that is being made. It is difficult to envision a scenario in which outfielder Estevan Florial is on the roster by the first day of June.

Let's face the facts here. Florial has not been successful in his limited time in the majors, striking out in 30.6% of his major league plate appearances. This rate would be a bit easier to digest if there was some notable power to go along with that, but Florial has just one home run to his name.

Florial struggled in Spring Training, which did not alleviate any of the concerns regarding his hitting profile and whether or not he is going to add some power to the Guardians' outfield mix (all signs point to no). The former Yankees prospect struck out 24 times in 58 plate appearances (41.4%), a rate which is far from acceptable. Much like his major league career so far, it would be passable if there was power to offset that, but seven of his eight hits in Arizona were singles, with his lone extra-base hit being a double.

Many have been quick to point out that the Guardians traded pitcher Cody Morris for Florial, and that should be a reason that he remains with the organization for most, if not all, of the entire 2024 season. This is a classic case of sunk cost fallacy and should be disregarded entirely. The reality is there was not a path for Morris to get playing time with at the major league level, much like Florial in New York. Both teams recognized this and were willing trade partners on a deal that sees them swap blocked players who have not necessarily performed at a high level thus far. Cleveland is giving Florial a chance he would not otherwise have, and unless he can take advantage of that, he will be gone.