6 teams that would make great trade partners with the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians will no doubt be active in trade talks this offseason, so what are some teams that make sense for a potential deal?
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Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies will likely be active this offseason, just like they always are. There were some initial rumblings about Nick Castellanos - who is owed $60 million over the next three seasons - being available, though that has recently been walked back by the team to some extent. That could all be a bit of misdirection, so it's worth inquiring; Castellanos would be the perfect veteran bat for the Guardians lineup.

San Diego Padres

Juan Soto is 100% going to be traded this offseason; at this point, it's the worst-kept secret in baseball. Why not the Guardians, right? But beyond Soto, it seems like the Padres are in the beginning stages of a true tailspin, so it's likely plenty of the roster could be available in trade talks, and Cleveland has had plenty of trade success with San Diego before.