6 teams that would make great trade partners with the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians will no doubt be active in trade talks this offseason, so what are some teams that make sense for a potential deal?

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers
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The Cleveland Guardians figure to be plenty busy this offseason, and not just when it comes to trying to fill out new manager Stephen Vogt's coaching staff. While there are some intriguing free-agent names floating out there, the Guardians have some very enticing trade chips that could swing them a good deal or two as well.

So who are the teams worth talking to this offseason? What types of deals make the most sense for Cleveland? And who are some of the most desperate teams out there, either for starting pitching help to contend or those at the beginning of a team fire sale? Let's dive in.

Six Teams That Would Make Great Trade Partners With the Cleveland Guardians

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are officially open for business. According to Ken Rosenthal, essentially nobody on the roster is exempt from trade considerations, and there's no doubt the vultures are now circling.

At first glance, Christian Yelich - who possesses a full no-trade clause - is certainly an intriguing option, even with a guaranteed five years left on his contract that will pay him $130 million (there's a 2029 mutual option for $20 million as well). There's no way on the planet the Guardians will want to take on that deal through potentially Yelich's age-37 season, but if there was some way to get Milwaukee to pay a bunch of it just to free up the payroll, it becomes an intriguing option to consider.

But, perhaps more realistically, if anyone on the Brewers' roster is available, it would be fantastic to swing a deal for flamethrowing righty Joel Payamps to further bolster the bullpen, or perhaps even young outfielder Sal Frelick, who should be a great major-league hitter (think more average, less power - you know, the Guardians' entire identity) for years to come. It's doubtful the Brewers will want to part with a 23-year-old rising prospect like Frelick, but hey, the fire sale is certainly coming for Milwaukee, so it wouldn't hurt to ask.