6 starting pitchers the Cleveland Guardians should target ahead of the Trade Deadline

Philadelphia Phillies v Cleveland Guardians
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5. Nathan Eovaldi - Texas Rangers

Another option from the Texas Rangers if they end up deciding to sell would be Nathan Eovaldi. There have been rumors about his potential availability and plenty of teams should be interested if the Rangers are looking for trade offers for the veteran righty. Eovaldi would give a contending team a top-of-the-rotation arm that could help carry them into and through the postseason.

The 34-year-old currently has a 3.10 ERA and 1.034 WHIP in 87 innings, with 8.8 strikeouts per nine.

Unlike the previously mentioned Max Scherzer, Eovaldi has fewer career innings to his name, which could play a factor late in the season and the playoffs. Scherzer is coming off an injury that kept him out of action until recently, while Eovaldi has made 15 starts this season. Considering the age difference between the two, this could be something that may sway a team to choose Eovaldi over Scherzer.

Obviously, there is going to be an obstacle when it comes to possibly making a deal for Eovaldi, as he is younger than someone like Scherzer and may cost a little more to acquire. This may make a team like the Guardians a bit hesitant to make a deal and explore other options available to them. But if the price is not too steep, Cleveland should definitely look to acquire the two-time World Series Champion.