6 starting pitchers the Cleveland Guardians should target ahead of the Trade Deadline

Philadelphia Phillies v Cleveland Guardians
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3. Max Scherzer - Texas Rangers

Even though the Texas Rangers are not a clear seller at this point, there is a very real scenario that sees them fall out of both the American League West and Wild Card races. Should that happen, they could be enticed to part ways with Max Scherzer.

Scherzer did have a delayed start to the 2024 season, but that has not stopped him from picking up where he left off previously. With eight runs allowed while striking out 17 and walking three, Scherzer has impressed in his 23.1 innings of work. Granted, three starts are far from a large sample size, but it is encouraging to see him come out and pitch well after missing most of the season's first half.

Unlike a few other names in this list, Scherzer is someone with a proven track record in the postseason and that is something that the Guardians would love to have in their rotation. With a 3.78 ERA and 1.154 WHIP in 143 postseason innings, Scherzer would be someone who would be able to guide the mostly young Guardians pitching staff and hopefully lead them on a deep postseason run.

In terms of the likelihood of acquiring Scherzer, it is probably in the slim-to-none area in the realm of possibilities. But if Scherzer is indeed made available, the Guardians should definitely make an inquiry.