6 Guardians hitters that are not helping themselves in Spring Training

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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4. Johnathan Rodriguez

Another outfield option who seemed like a longshot to make the major league roster, Johnathan Rodriguez, has not been all that impressive in Spring Training.

Rodriguez has failed to tap into his power potential in Arizona, with all four of his hits being singles. This is in addition to striking out in six of his 23 plate appearances for a strikeout rate of 26.1%, which is just below strikeout frequency at Double-A (26.7%) and notably less than his 32.7% at Triple-A last season. Seeing the number at a better rate than his 47-game stint with the Columbus Clippers is encouraging, but it still needs improvement.

Admittedly, the importance of Rodriguez during Spring Training carries significantly less importance than the other names that appear on this list. This would be due to the Guardians' outfield being very full at the moment, making it pretty much impossible for Rodriguez to occupy a spot on the major league roster. Even though there are a couple of uninspiring options among them, none of them are getting bumped for someone like Rodriguez at the current moment.

Barring something unforeseen happening to two or more of Steven Kwan, Myles Straw, Tyler Freeman, Will Brennan, or Ramon Laureano, there is not a path to meaningful playing time in Cleveland for Rodriguez at this time.