5 trade options the Cleveland Guardians could target to fill Shane Bieber's spot in the rotation

Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
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5. Jesus Luzardo - Miami Marlins

At first glance, it does not seem like trading Jesus Luzardo may entertained by the Miami Marlins. But considering they may be one of, if not the worst team in baseball right now, that could play a factor in how they approach their team this season. There is an expectation right now that the Marlins could make players available on the trade market much earlier than anticipated. Luzardo could net them quite the haul if they decide to field trade offers for his services.

Luzardo is not going to come cheap for anyone if he is moved this year. At just 26 years old with two more arbitration-eligible years remaining, Miami is going to require an offer that is good enough to part with a very talented player still under team control. This could be the exact opportunity the Cleveland Guardians need to move some of their infield depth in the minors who currently have their path to the major league roster blocked. Acquiring a starting pitcher via trade is the exact reason why teams like to stockpile middle infielders, should they find themselves in need of one.

The prospect of moving a player in Luzardo, who is only going to become more expensive for a handful of players on exponentially cheaper contracts under team control for a much longer period, may be too enticing to pass up for the Marlins. Cleveland just needs to reach out and find out if they are going to seriously entertain moving Luzardo or if they are willing to take an overpay at this time. Either way, calling Miami should be near the top of the Guardians' to-do list.