5 teams the Guardians should consider as potential trade partners

Cleveland is reportedly looking to buy at the deadline
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
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San Diego Padres

Like the Mets, 2023 has not gone as expected for the San Diego Padres. San Diego has underperformed and is in fourth place in the National League West division despite having a star studded lineup. While a splash trade for Juan Soto would be a dream scenario for Cleveland, do not expect that to happen as USA Today's Bob Nightengale does not believe he is available at this time. This turns the attention to San Diego's pitching staff which has two players could be on the move per Nightengale.

"They instead are likely to shop All-Star closer Josh Hader and starter Blake Snell, barring a sudden and dramatic winning streak. "

Bob Nightengale on the Padres

Snell and Hader are in the midst of outstanding seasons which means that they will not be cheap to come by. This more than likely removes Cleveland from the equation as it is hard to see them parting ways with the talent San Diego would be looking for in exchange for either player. Maybe it would be different if there was another year of control attached to either player, but their current rental status almost precludes Cleveland from being genuinely being involved. Maybe the Guardians surprise everyone and part ways with some of their infield prospect depth in order to get a deal done, it just does not appear all that likely at this time.