5 prospects in the Cleveland Guardians organization to watch this season

Known for having a strong farm system, who are five players to keep an eye on this season within the Cleveland Guardians organization?
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The 2024 season is underway in Cleveland, but for a team like the Cleveland Guardians, the minors are just as important as the majors. The philosophy for the Cleveland Guardians is to build from within and get players ready for the next level. The Guards aren't going out and signing big-name free agents and can often struggle to keep players from within the organization once they are up for a deal.

With that, an emphasis on development becomes key.

Luckily, Cleveland has become rather productive in building teams in this manner. Recently, homegrown talent has been a solid path to Cleveland's roster. The pitching factory has been churning for a long time now, but even offensive production has increased for the organization through the minors. Players like Bo Naylor, Will Brennan, Steven Kwan and Tyler Freeman were all drafted by Cleveland, brought up through the minors and are now impact players on a daily basis.

As for the pitching, like I said: pitching factory. Here's the list of current players either in the rotation or the bullpen that Cleveland has drafted: Shane Bieber, Gavin Williams, Triston McKenzie, Tanner Bibee, Logan Allen, Sam Hentges, Nick Sandlin, Eli Morgan, Tim Herrin, Hunter Gaddis and James Karinchak. Some have had more success than others, but the fact of the matter remains that Cleveland's pitching factory is in tremendous shape.

So with all that said, what players should be on the radar of fans through the 2024 campaign? This isn't a list of players who could get the call up this season, but a list of players to keep an eye on for how they progress. The fact of the matter is that these players have the opportunity and talent to make an impact for Cleveland down the road, but there needs to be growth in the near future.