5 position players the Cleveland Guardians should look to trade for

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3. Joc Pederson - Arizona Diamondbacks

This is a player that has been desired by many Cleveland Guardians fans for quite some time, and with the Arizona Diamondbacks playing at a very average and pedestrian level so far this season, this could be the opportunity to acquire Joc Pederson via trade.

Should the Diamondbacks look to trade Pederson, the Guardians should be interested in adding his .302/.404/.524 slash line and 167 OPS+ to their lineup. The two-time World Series Champion would do more than elevate the floor of this roster's offensive output, he would help increase its ceiling, something that very few players would be capable of doing.

Now, it must be said that Pederson has exclusively seen time as Arizona's designated hitter this season and has not played the outfield in a single inning. Even though Pederson has over 6,700 career innings in the outfield in his career, the fact he has not played in the field this season may prevent Cleveland from making a move for him. The Guardians currently have their DH spot spoken for, with either Kyle Manzardo, Josh Naylor, or Jose Ramirez occupying that spot on most days. If there is some sense of Pederson not being playable in the field anymore, that would obviously limit Cleveland's interest. But if he can still play in the outfield, the Guardians better be interested.