5 intriguing trade targets for the Cleveland Guardians

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Heston Kjerstad - Baltimore Orioles

Of the players on this list, Baltimore Orioles outfield prospect Heston Kjerstad is the player with the least amount known about him at the professional level. Kjerstad only has a handful of at-bats to his name in the majors, but it is not his fault, as he is being blocked by multiple proven players on Baltimore's big-league roster. While this does not necessarily make him expendable, it does make him gettable, and that is what matters here.

This possibility was recently mentioned by The Athletic's Jim Bowden (subscription required) as a way for both Baltimore and Cleveland to benefit. In Bowden's mock deal, Cleveland would be sending Hunter Gaddis and Cade Smith to the Orioles, with Kjerstad coming to the Guardians. This would help solidify Baltimore's bullpen while Cleveland could get a young major league-ready outfielder under team control that could make a much-needed instant impact.

Even though dealing both Gaddis and Smith does not seem like the best idea right now, considering that they are pitching very well and Cleveland has had to rely on their bullpen quite frequently due to short outings from their starters, it would still be an avenue to pursue with the relative ineffectiveness of their non-Steven Kwan outfielders.