5 intriguing trade targets for the Cleveland Guardians

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
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Luis Severino - New York Mets

It was a very rough start to the 2024 season for the New York Mets, but they have managed to rebound a bit by way of getting back to .500 on the year with an 18-18 record. As good as that sounds, they are still seven games back in the National League East, and there is a very good chance that number continues to grow. This would put the Mets in position to deal a veteran or two, with Luis Severino being someone the Guardians should call about. 

Severino appears to have regained his previous form, compiling a 2.93 ERA and 1.175 WHIP through his first seven starts of the season. The former New York Yankee has settled in after giving up four runs in his first start for the Mets, allowing one run or fewer in four of his next six starts. This is exactly the type of performances that will draw the attention of contending teams looking to solidify their rotation.

The Guardians have managed to get by without having Shane Bieber so far, but it certainly feels that their rotation is one of two areas that must be addressed. Ben Lively has been a good story so far, and they have managed to get significantly more out of Carlos Carrasco than anyone could have expected. How much longer Lively's run continues and Carrasco being serviceable remains very questionable, and something must be done in order to avoid a complete disaster when/if a correction comes.