5 intriguing trade targets for the Cleveland Guardians

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Michael Conforto - San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants look to be an also-ran in the very competitive National League West division, as the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres continue to battle it out for the top spot, with the Arizona Diamondbacks not far behind. As the gap between them and the NL West leader continues to grow, it would be only natural to consider trading away impending free agents, one of which would be Michael Conforto. 

Conforto has gotten off to an impressive start in 2024, slashing .275/.329/.493 with seven home runs and seven doubles. This would be the best batting line for anyone not named Steven Kwan on the Guardians this year and would be a welcome addition to Cleveland's outfield mix.

Acquiring Conforto would accomplish two things for the Guardians. It would improve the outfield production, something that is much needed, as well as be a way to move off of the disappointment and offensive drain that is Estevan Florial.Conforto is a significantly more rounded player than Florial and is someone who is able to do things that he simply is not capable of. Replacing Florial with Conforto would lengthen the lineup and provide a consistent level of offense that this team will need in their quest to win the division.