5 internal options the Cleveland Guardians can turn to following Shane Bieber's season-ending injury

San Francisco Giants v Cleveland Guardians
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5. Tyler Beede

The Cleveland Guardians currently have Tyler Beede in their bullpen, making three appearances so far, but could be a candidate to join their starting rotation.

Beede has 29 career starts under his belt, most of which came during his time with the San Francisco Giants organization during the 2019 season (22). Even though most of Beede's 61 career appearances have come out of the bullpen (32), starting games is not a new concept for Beede.

During his time in the minors, Beede started 106 games, all but one coming with San Francisco from 2014 through 2021. While there is a big difference between pitching in the minors and the majors, turning to someone who has plenty of experience with being a professional starting pitcher is not the worst idea. It is a completely different mindset for someone who is in the rotation pitching once every five days instead of a couple of times per week out of the bullpen. That can be intimidating for some people to attempt in general, with having to step into a rotation spot previously occupied by a Cy Young Award winner exponentially increasing that feeling. Beede has enough career experience to be worth considering for the rotation, with the possibility of returning him to a bullpen role if needed also available.