5 internal options the Cleveland Guardians can turn to following Shane Bieber's season-ending injury

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4. Ben Lively

The signing of Ben Lively by the Cleveland Guardians last November did not come with much if any, fanfare. But now, a signing that very few, if anyone, expected to have an impact this season now has the chance to do so with Shane Bieber out for the season.

Lively made 12 starts for the Cincinnati Reds last season, and the results were not all that great. Finishing with a 5.38 ERA and 1.365 WHIP in 88.2 innings, Lively would be placed back into the bullpen for his final five appearances, resulting in 12 runs allowed over 17.2 innings.

The biggest problem for Lively throughout last season was giving up the long ball. Lively allowed 20 home runs last year, which is a rate of one per every 4.41 innings pitched. Another way to put this? Not great. It is hard to remain competitive in a game that sees a pitcher giving up home runs at this rate, and it could be deflating to a lineup that has issues with hitting the ball over the fence.

Going with Lively would not necessarily be the most exciting option, but it would be understandable if the Guardians prefer to keep their younger players in their current roles by having him join the rotation over some of the other options.