5 internal options the Cleveland Guardians can turn to following Shane Bieber's season-ending injury

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3. Hunter Gaddis

Like the previously mentioned Xzavion Curry, Hunter Gaddis is also someone that the Cleveland Guardians could consider to make some starts following Shane Bieber's season-ending injury.

Gaddis was called upon early last year to start a few games, but the performances in those starts were far from consistent. One game would see Gaddis give up four runs in 3.2 innings to the Seattle Mariners, with the next being 6 innings of one-hit baseball against the Oakland Athletics. This was followed by a disastrous outing against the New York Yankees, allowing eight runs in 3 innings. Gaddis did have a slight bounceback against Detroit in his next start, allowing three runs in 5 innings against the Tigers. These inconsistencies, combined with his better performances from the bullpen, could result in the Guardians considering someone else to fill the open spot in the rotation.

In all actuality, Gaddis is someone who is probably better suited to follow Curry in a piggyback start scenario, as described on the previous slide. Combining outings from Curry and Gaddis in this manner would help the Guardians manufacture the length of a starting pitcher's usual outing length. Taking this route would allow Cleveland to keep their arms in the back end of the bullpen in their rightful places rather than being forced into a role they are not quite suited for.