5 internal options the Cleveland Guardians can turn to following Shane Bieber's season-ending injury

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2. Xzavion Curry

Starting games is not a foreign concept for the 25-year-old Xzavion Curry. With 11 starts for the Cleveland Guardians over the past two seasons, Curry is someone they could definitely consider stepping back into their rotation to help in the short term.

Even though the majority of Curry's appearances last year came out of the bullpen, pitching multiple innings to start off a game is something that is more than capable of doing. Curry made four starts in August and September of last year, where he pitched 5 innings or more. Yes, one of these outings came against a Tampa Bay Rays team that scored five runs. However, it must be said that the other three starts saw Curry allow the same amount of runs in 16.1 innings.

Cleveland would not necessarily need Curry to be a workhorse innings eater in order for him to be effective. If the Guardians could just get 4 to 5 innings from Curry more often than not while pairing his starts with someone else who can pitch a couple of innings immediately following him on those days, it could take a lot of pressure off of the rest of pitching staff and first-year manager Stephen Vogt.