5 free agents the Cleveland Guardians should consider for Shane Bieber's vacant rotation spot

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5. Madison Bumgarner

If the Cleveland Guardians are looking for someone who has an extended track record of regular and postseason success, perhaps they could work out a deal with Madison Bumgarner.

The last couple of years of Bumgarner's career have been a bit forgettable, but that should have been somewhat expected, considering he signed a deal in free agency with the Arizona Diamondbacks before the 2020 season. The Diamondbacks were not a good team for the first three years of Bumgarner's stint in Arizona, and although they reached the World Series just last year, Bumgarner was not a part of that roster, as he was released in late April of 2023.

Yes, it does seem like Bumgarner's stock is at an all-time low because, let's face it, it is. But maybe being in a different environment could see him return to being a productive pitcher yet again. The Diamondbacks did not go on a World Series run until after his departure, meaning that very little of his time in Arizona could be considered positive.

Coming to Cleveland, an organization that has avoided having an extended period of losing, could be exactly what he needs. Cleveland had just their second losing season since 2012, a feat that is not easy to accomplish. With the Guardians off to a hot start to begin the season, perhaps this could be the right environment for Bumgarner to continue his storied career.