5 free agents the Cleveland Guardians should consider for Shane Bieber's vacant rotation spot

Atlanta Braves v Cleveland Guardians
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By now, everyone is very much aware that the Cleveland Guardians have a open spot in the starting rotation following the season-ending injury to Shane Bieber. Bieber will be undergoing Tommy John surgery that will keep him out of action until next season, whether that is with the Guardians or a different organization willing to take a chance on someone who has missed a lot of time dating back to the middle of last season.

Cleveland has a couple of paths that they can take in the meantime, such as evaluating some possible internal candidates, as well as some trade targets they could look to acquire. Should neither one of these work out or come to fruition, there is another route they could go down. That being, reaching out to still unsigned free agent pitchers who are looking to continue their careers.

There is a reason why most of these guys are still available after the start of the season, and it is not because they are weighing multiple offers while waiting to join a contender. Signing any of the following five players may not even work out in the end, but it would be something worth considering since the Guardians lost the Ace of their staff.