5 expendable Guardians players Cleveland can move at the trade deadline for pitching

The Cleveland Guardians are going to be looking to add pieces at the deadline, but what players could Cleveland use to bring in a starting pitcher?
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3. Myles Straw

Myles Straw
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This is a bit harder of a sell, but it's a possibility. It seemed like Myles Straw's time in Cleveland was most likely over when he didn't make the 40-man at the beginning of the season. However, there could be other suitors around the league down the stretch.

Turning 30 in October, the prospects for Straw will be vastly different from others on this list. Teams in rebuild mode won't be too interested, but teams trying for a postseason berth may be. If there's a team that has an overload of pitchers with a need for defense in the outfield and speed on the bases, Straw could be a piece to move.

The bat still isn't great for Straw. With Triple-A Columbus, he's still batting just .239, but he has tallied nine stolen bases. A team interested in Straw would have to be a contender, which would be harder to get an asset from, but it's not impossible. It would also take additional pieces to get a deal done.

From the perspective of Cleveland, Straw's time in the majors is done with the Guardians. Younger options with better offensive upside are moving past him in the organization. Including him in a deal for a starting pitcher would do little to the team now. At best, Straw is just a postseason roster add for speed and defense, but Cleveland can get that from others on the roster.