5 expendable Guardians players Cleveland can move at the trade deadline for pitching

The Cleveland Guardians are going to be looking to add pieces at the deadline, but what players could Cleveland use to bring in a starting pitcher?
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2. Will Brennan

Will Brennan
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This one is alittle more shocking and a bitharder to sell, but Will Brennan's upside is far more desirable and could bring in a better pitcher than other players on the block.Although, it could be a more difficult replacement. 

Brennan has been a fan favorite and has shown flashes, but those flashes could bring in a starting pitcher for the team. Brennan has been a decent player, but he's only hitting .234 with a career-low .291 on-base percentage. What it boils down to is that Brennan is replaceable.

Familiar names like Myles Straw and Estevan Florial are still within the organization and could move up to the role should Brennan be moved. On top of them, there are others on the 40-man that could step up. We've already seen Johnathan Rodriguez this season, plus George Valera and Jhonkensy Noel could make the jump up to the outfield to replace Brennan as well.

As for Brennan's prospects, he's still just 26 years old. His flashes could be enough to intrigue another team. Like Arias, other pieces would be needed to get a deal done, but Brennan could be an easy move and replacement to bring in a starting pitcher.