5 expendable Guardians players Cleveland can move at the trade deadline for pitching

The Cleveland Guardians are going to be looking to add pieces at the deadline, but what players could Cleveland use to bring in a starting pitcher?
Washington Nationals v Cleveland Guardians
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1. Gabriel Arias

Gabriel Arias
Washington Nationals v Cleveland Guardians / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

This one seems a bit obvious. It's been a tough start to the season for Gabriel Arias, and he's slowly falling out of the rotation for Cleveland, especially with the arrival of Daniel Schneemann. If Cleveland can find a suitor, he may be the perfect piece to move at the deadline.

Arias is still just 24 years old and a change of scenery could be the best option for him. In Cleveland, he doesn't havea trueposition. He's been used all over the field andjustcan't settle in.Almostreminds me of Gio Urshela's situation. On top of that, his bat just hasn't translated. This year, he's batting .210,which would bea career-high over his three years in the majors. In 2023, he struck out 113 times with just 28 walks. 

Now, Arias wouldn't be the core of the deal. Other parts would be needed to get this deal done, but there is still an upside to Arias that an organization, like maybe Oakland, could see benefit in. The potential is still there, but he doesn't have the opportunities in Cleveland to work through the kinks and improve. He needs semi-steady playing time for that to happen.

As for Cleveland's side of things, the loss of Arias wouldn't hurt too bad. With Brayan Rocchio, Schneemann, and others coming up through the organization, Arias is an expendable asset that the team can replace.