5 current free agents the Cleveland Guardians could use right now

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
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4. Adam Duvall

Veteran? Check. Outfielder? Check. Hits for power? Check. 35-year-old free agent Adam Duvall checks off the necessary boxes that would make him an ideal fit for the Cleveland Guardians this season.

Nobody is really expecting any of the Guardians outfielders to hit close to or more than 20 home runs this season. 10 might even be a stretch if everything goes right in 2024. That is why taking the opportunity to add some home run power to a group that possesses little to none of it would be a smart decision by Cleveland's front office.

Is Duvall likely to eclipse 30 home runs this season or in the future? Probably not. However, this is a lineup that lacks power in the outfield and needs to be remedied. While the Guardians do have a couple of prospects in the minors with power in their profile, there is some concern about their strikeout rate and ability to consistently put the ball in play. With that information being factored into the equation, it may be better for the Guardians to bring someone in with a proven track record rather than rely on options with obvious flaws in their approach to be something they're not.