5 current free agents the Cleveland Guardians could use right now

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Guardians are entering 2024 as a youthful squad with only a few veteran players of note on the roster. While the potential is there for a young team to grow together can hopefully develop into a group that can be together for multiple years down the line, there are still a few areas on the roster now that could use some help in the form of currently unsigned veteran free agents.

1. Joey Votto

With the very likely possibility that the Guardians will have first base prospect Kyle Manzardo beginning the season in Triple-A, that leaves a spot in the first base/designated hitter rotation with Josh Naylor. Someone like Votto would be a perfect addition to the Guardians lineup on a part-time basis and be a much-needed mentor to some of the younger players on the roster.

As nearly perfect as this partnership would seem, it is incredibly difficult to see Votto playing for a team other than the Cincinnati Reds. In fact, there is still a possibility that Votto could return to Cincinnati this season and continue his storied career. But if Votto is open to putting on a uniform of a different team, the Guardians would be wise to reach out and give him a call.