5 Cleveland Guardians who have excelled at the plate in Spring Training

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5. Brayan Rocchio

As it was alluded to at the beginning of this list, Brayan Rocchio is the one player who initially appeared on the 6 Guardians hitters that are not helping themselves in Spring Training that has now turned things around.

Once a dreadful 2-20 at the plate, Rocchio now has 10 hits in 37 at-bats, quite an impressive turnaround for someone who looked like they were actively taking themselves out of the running for the starting shortstop job with the major league club. The main difference between Rocchio and the others appearing on the underperforming list is that Rocchio limited his strikeouts, while others were accumulating them at alarming rates. Rocchio has still not recorded an additional strikeout since then and has managed to tally five extra base hits along the way, one of which being of the home run variety.

It is still down to Rochio and Gabriel Arias to battle it out for that spot to start the season, and with his recent uptick in play, Rocchio appears to be fully in the driver's seat while Arias continues to struggle during Spring Training. A timeshare of sorts could still be in order as the Guardians could utilize what is expected to be a vacant designated hitter spot that can be used to give players days off in the field while still keeping their bats in the lineup. Being deployed in a utility role is not ideal for either player, but it could be a way for the organization to gather more information before definitely deciding which player is going to be an everyday starter.