5 Cleveland Guardians who have excelled at the plate in Spring Training

Philadelphia Phillies v Cleveland Guardians
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4. Daniel Schneemann

Coming in on a non-roster invite, not much was expected from Daniel Schneemann. The good news here is that expectations were meant to be surpassed.

Schneeman's 13 hits are tied with Steven Kwan for third on the Guardians this spring, trailing leaders Chase DeLauter and Josh Naylor by just one. Four of Schneemann's hits have gone for extra bases, with two doubles, one triple, and one home run. In addition to his high volume of hits and ability to hit more than just a single, Schneemann has walked six times compared to just four strikeouts. Pretty impressive for someone who came on a non-roster invite.

Even though Schneemann has outperformed even the loftiest expectations anyone could have possibly imagined in their wildest dreams, there is no chance that he will see time with the Guardians any time soon. This is not about Schneeman but the fact that there are so many other options that the organization has to sift through who are rostered at this time. Luckily, this performance may catch the eye of another team that may be willing to take a chance on him to see if he can contribute for them at some level.