4 role players who are making a difference for the Cleveland Guardians on the field and 2 who aren't

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Ramon Laureano - Early Season Dud

2024 stats: .178/.339/.244 slash line, three doubles and three stolen bases

It has been a very rough start to the 2024 season for veteran outfielder Ramon Laureano. Having only eight hits in 45 at-bats is far from ideal, and being second in strikeouts (17) to a second-year catcher in Bo Naylor (24) is a major cause for concern. Larueano's 30.4% strikeout rate is 3.5% more than his career average (26.9%) and is 2.2% higher than last year's rate. It would be less concerning if this was not a year-over-year trend, but Laureano's strikeout frequency has increased every season, from 25.9% in 2021 to its current over 30% rate. 

The only thing really keeping Laureano's early season results from being a complete disaster is that he is tied for the team lead in stolen bases with Andres Gimenez. Three of his eight hits being doubles does not hurt either, but the Guardians need him to be a lot more consistent at the plate, and soon. While there is a chance that he could be sent packing if he does not turn things around, Laureano's ability as a defender and speed on the basepaths could keep him around longer than others would if they were in the same situation. But that will only buy him so much time if he is not able to produce with a bat in his hands.