4 role players who are making a difference for the Cleveland Guardians on the field and 2 who aren't

Oakland Athletics v Cleveland Guardians
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David Fry - Early Season Difference-Maker

2024 stats: .303/.432/.485 slash line, three doubles and one home run

No one now or ever is going to confuse David Fry with being a superstar, but being a competent bat off the bench capable of playing multiple positions is definitely a nice consolation prize.

There is something about a guy who can just hit, and that is what Fry has been able to do so far in his limited chances. Collecting 10 hits in 33 at-bats with seven runs driven in while walking six times, Fry is someone who has been able to make the most of his time in the lineup. 

Fry's production in the batter's box is making Cleveland Guardians manager Stephen Vogt's job a whole lot easier. With Fry being able to produce at the plate and play multiple positions in the field, it allows Vogt to plug him into the lineup when someone is in need of an off day or if he wants to make use of the mostly vacant designated hitter position to get someone off their feet for a game. This is incredibly valuable and should be used as much as they can right now, as there will come a time rather soon when the DH position is going to be filled by either Josh Naylor or Kyle Manzardo on a daily basis.