4 moves for the Cleveland Guardians to continue their winning ways

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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3. Move on from Gabriel Arias

There was a time when Gabriel Arias was an intriguing shortstop prospect who could have been the successor to Francisco Lindor for the Cleveland Guardians. The problem is he has failed to develop as a hitter and has been a disappointment offensively. 

It would be one thing if the flashes of his offensive potential from last year carried over into this year, but that simply has not been the case. Arias' at-bats are among some of the worst on the team this season, and it is a huge surprise if he somehow manages to make quality contact. Like the previously mentioned Estevan Florial, Arias is striking out way too much in his at-bats. With a strikeout rate of 33%, it is four to five percent higher than projections but only 0.7% higher than his career mark, suggesting that the projections were a little more optimistic than they should have been.

The Guardians have tried to incorporate Arias into their lineup, as he has made appearances at nearly every position this season, but it does not seem like he is going to be able to do enough at the plate to be anything more than a bench utility player. While an argument can be made to keep him around for that purpose, as they are useful and needed throughout a season, having someone capable of not being an offensive drain in that role would be a much better endeavor.