4 moves for the Cleveland Guardians to continue their winning ways

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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2. Increase David Fry's playing time

If there is one player who might benefit the most from the Cleveland Guardians potentially moving on from Estevan Florial, it could be David Fry. 

Fry has been the polar opposite of Florial this season, being a productive bat when he is in the lineup. With a slash line of .325/.460/.545, Fry has been able to produce in the manner that they were hoping Florial could, with his five doubles and four home runs being a welcome surprise from the veteran utility man. In fact, Fry has equaled his home run total from last season and is one RBI and one double shy of matching his 2023 number in both categories in 26 fewer games. This is the type of improvement at the plate that warrants frequent playing time and should really be in consideration for being in the lineup on a daily basis.

While it needs to be mentioned that finding a way to work Fry into the lineup on a regular basis is not necessarily something that is going to be easy once the team is back at full strength, he is not someone who should see decreased time on the field. First-year manager Stephen Vogt will have to find a way to keep Fry's bat in the lineup, even if that means bouncing around from position to position.