4 moves for the Cleveland Guardians to continue their winning ways

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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1. Cut ties with Estevan Florial

Haven't we seen enough of this experiment yet? Estevan Florial was brought in with the hopes that a change of scenery could do him some good. Unfortunately, the former New York Yankees prospect continues to be a disappointment.

Slashing just .183/.255/.387 with six doubles, three home runs, and two triples, Florial has only reinforced his reputation as a Quad-A player, too good for the minors but not good enough for the majors. The biggest issue for Florial has been and will continue to be his strikeout frequency. Florial is striking out 38.8% of the time this season, which is around five percent higher than most projections and 4.6% higher than his career average. A high strikeout rate would be more tolerable if there was more production to go along with it, but it does not seem like that is ever going to change, no matter the amount of playing time he receives. 

It is not that farfetched to believe that Florial's time with the Guardians has been extended due to the absence of Steven Kwan. There would be one less spot in the lineup for Florial to occupy if Kwan were available, and that cannot be understated. Additionally, with Kyle Manzardo being called up and needing to play on a regular basis, that takes the designated hitter spot out of the equation for Florial, as it will be occupied either by Manzardo or Josh Naylor on most days. 

There is no faulting the thought process of the Guardians by bringing in Florial this past offseason, but it is very apparent that it would be best to move on.