4 Guardians players who shouldn't survive the deadline

Cleveland Guardians v Los Angeles Angels
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Amed Rosario

The most polarizing player on the 2023 Cleveland Guardians, Amed Rosario. It is very unlikely that Rosario is the starting shorstop in Cleveland next season and the Guardians should face that reality and get something for him while they can.

The thing with Rosario is not that he is a bad player or that he has been a disappointment like two others on this list. Rosario is a very solid player that should have some level of demand on the trade market if he were to be shopped. The issue at hand is that Rosario is a floor-raiser and not a ceiling-raiser. This type of player is useful and can work in the right environment, it just is not the case for the Guardians this season. It could be an entirely different scenario for Rosario if Cleveland was not decimated with pitching injuries and appear to limping their way to the upcoming trade deadline.

In fact, the Guardians have enjoyed some pretty steady play from Rosario over his two first seasons with the club. The fact that this team appears to be fading back from being a possible contender should make someone like Rosario expendable in their eyes. The odds seemed stacked against the Guardians at the current moment and if they see the Twins grow their lead in the division, moving Rosario in order to give some of their younger guys meaningful playing time should be the primary focus to end the season.

Cleveland has to figure out what, if anything they have in a few players and that is not able to happen if Rosario is still manning shortstop on a daily basis.