3 Truths about the 2023 Cleveland Guardians fans don't want to hear

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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3. They did not give up on the season at the deadline

Contrary to popular belief and the narratives of local sports radio, which prefer to talk about football as soon as possible, the team did not give up on the season at the deadline. The reality is that there was not really anything to give up on as this was not a good enough team to take the opposite approach and be buyers.

There is more to evaluating a team in any sport than the standings. With the American League Central being the worst division in baseball, it is important to understand that advancing to the postseason by winning it is not the accomplishment some make it out to be.

This Guardians team was more than a few players away from making a serious run to the and through the postseason. The team was struggling to win games with Amed Rosario, Aaron Civale, and Josh Bell on the roster. Making it incredibly difficult to justify the Guardians having a different approach at the trade deadline. The team would have to trade away some, if not all of their best prospects to acquire players to make a meaningful dent into the areas of where they were lacking.

While it may have been a lot more exciting to see them add a quality player to their lineup rather than make the bargain bin moves for Kole Calhoun, Ramon Laureano, Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Matt Moore, they will be better off in the long run by not mortgaging the future for a team that was never going to do much of anything in the playoffs.