3 things we learned about the Cleveland Guardians this past weekend

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Ron Schwane/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Guardians dropped two of three games to the visiting Chicago White Sox this past weekend. These losses are coming at a very inopportune time for the Guardians.

Cleveland's playoff hopes are hanging on by a thread and the fact that the Minnesota Twins have won four consecutive games is not helping matters either. Anyway, here are three things we learned about the Cleveland Guardians this past weekend.

Do not mess with Jose Ramirez

The usually cool, calm, and collected demeanor of Jose Ramirez was cast aside after Tim Anderson continued to show a complete lack of respect for the game of baseball. Anderson chose to challenge Ramirez to a fight after a head-first slide into second base and it was the Guardians third baseman who came out on top.

Perhaps it would have done Anderson some good to do a little research into the past of Ramirez. While a young Ramirez was not chased home by armed gamblers in the Dominican Republic as a now-deleted social media post once claimed, they were in the stands for the sake of intimidating the very young players to play up to a certain level.

Having that information may have been beneficial to Anderson as maybe he would have thought twice about his decision to square up. If Ramirez was able to make it through this situation, there was zero chance that he was going to feel threatened by Anderson. Because of the series of events that took place, Anderson, in addition to the rest of the league, knows not to mess with Jose Ramirez. Not that they would anyway, as Ramirez is a very well-liked player and Anderson is not.