3 Players who may not be in the Guardians' plans for 2024

Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Guardians
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When looking ahead to the future of the Cleveland Guardians, there are going to be some players who will not be part of the equation. Identifying which players they are going to build around and those who they will move on from will have a major impact on the team's off-season plans. It will ultimately determine how the team approaches free agency and its aggressiveness on the trade market. As far as who they could move on from, some names are obvious while others may come as a surprise.

Myles Straw

The least surprising name gets the honor of showing up first on this list. Myles Straw is a solid defensive outfielder but has been a complete liability at the plate. As the lightest hitting option in an already power-devoid outfield, it seems logical that Straw would be someone finding himself on the outside looking in.

Even though Straw homered for the first time in two years, that still may not be enough for him to remain with the organization.

Straw was mentioned as the Guardians player most likely to be traded this off-season, a hardly surprising development considering how his last two years at the plate have gone. Cleveland needs more production from their outfield group, and Steven Kwan is not someone who will be bumped from regular playing time. Others could find their roles reduced, or as it is being suggested here, not in Cleveland after this season.