3 Cleveland Guardians who have stumbled out of the gate who may not be able to recover

Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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1. Austin Hedges

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Austin Hedges has never been known for his offensive capabilities, and that has not changed this season either.

With just two hits in 12 at-bats, Hedges has not exactly been a force at the plate through the first week of the season. Striking out six times without recording a single walk is also something to take note of. The only real positive for Hedges at the plate so far is that he has been able to drive in three runs, one of which came on a sacrifice fly.

For most players, this type of offensive futility would be a major cause for concern regarding their job security. However, Hedges is a defensive first backup catcher to Bo Naylor and is a big-time vibes guy. The Guardians do not need Hedges to be an offensive juggernaut, considering these roles.

That is not to say that the team would not welcome a more productive version of Hedges, but rather, there is a certain understanding of what offensive production the team is going to get from him over the course of a season. Even if Hedges' performance at the plate stays the same, his spot on the roster is not in jeopardy, and he should remain on the team for the rest of the season.