2 former Guardians from 2023 that will be missed this season and 4 they are better off without

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Player That Will Be Missed: Kole Calhoun

Most were probably expecting to see someone else in this spot, such as Aaron Civale or Amed Rosario, and those people will be disappointed because this entry belongs to Kole Calhoun.

While Civale would have been a starter in the rotation and Rosario an everyday player, that is not what this team needs right now, as the spots they previously occupied on the roster are currently filled. Instead, Calhoun would be in a much different role. The role of a veteran who can help a very young Guardians team when called upon. This roster only has four players over the age of 30 currently - Ben Lively (31), Scott Barlow (31), Austin Hedges (31), and Jose Ramirez (31). This does paint a picture of a potentially bright future should the young players on the roster develop into productive roster mainstays in a few years, but as things stand now, an additional player or two on the other side of 30 would not be the worst idea.

There is another aspect to wanting someone like Calhoun in a limited/part-time role on the bench. The Guardians are entering the first year without Terry Francona as their manager since 2012. Having additional older voices on the roster to help reinforce the transition into the Stephen Vogt era wouldn't hurt. It is also worth mentioning that Calhoun and Vogt were teammates during the 2020 and 2021 seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It is about having the right combination of veterans and young players on the roster. An argument could be made that they are currently set in regards to that mix, but having someone like Calhoun on the roster again wouldn't hurt.